Spa Week isn’t forever, but the wellness benefits and memories are everlasting! We asked for your Spa Week stories to share with our readers (see the contest HERE); we’re so thrilled to have been able to touch so many lives with a small dose of pampering! We’ve managed to narrow it down to 5 winners, each of whom will be receiving a $50 Spa Week gift card to use toward their next spa visit. You’ll see them published here throughout the week. Here’s #4–enjoy!

Take it off or leave it on? We’ve asked before. We chose Victoria’s spa story to showcase a very real concern she shares with many spa-goers. The answer? There is no right or wrong way! Just do what makes you feel comfortable. Here’s a great How-To on the subject, courtesy of Well and Good NYC: Nudity in the Spa: Your Right To Bare All

Submitted by: Victoria Lester


My husband and I enjoyed a lovely day of massages during Spa Week. He went first and said that it was a very uplifting experience and felt much more relaxed. When it was my turn I wasn’t sure what to do because the masseuse mentioned taking off my clothes, but wasn’t clear. When she left I took off ALL my clothes,  but was really apprehensive and it felt embarrassing to some level. I got up on the table all naked with a towel over my bum. When she came back in I think she sensed my apprehension, and told me that it wasn’t necessary to get COMPLETELY undressed. I felt a sigh of relief and also wondered if anyone did the same thing that I accidentally did. The massage turned out to be fantastic. I had a whole 45 minutes, and then I went home and did nothing but relaxed. My husband chuckled a bit at my story.


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