Last week we asked a rude question: What’s in your bag?

We wanted to know 1 semi-unusual thing you’re carrying around in your bag, and whichever 3 Facebook comments made us want to rummage through the rest of your bag the most would be the winners. (See the giveaway details HERE.) You gave us such a great response that we decided to up the prize… instead of 3, we picked 5 winners! Each one of you will walk away with a Kumiko Spa Bag, a $245 value. We’ve got 2 black, 2 brown and 1 purple bag. If you are one of our 5 winners, sign the Facebook page saying I WON! and claiming the color you want–first come first served.

Now here they are… the winners, the reasoning, and an unreasonable amount of potential fun imagining what else you might find in the bags on this list.


…because we’re afraid if we don’t pick you you’ll taser us.

Kisha ‘Seven’ Barnes – Taser


…because we wish Cinco de Mayo could last forever too?

Tiffany Stano – a purple sombrero


…because it is just SO much fun to say!

Shannon Schulte – Bananagrams! So obsessed! I bust it out anywhere there’s waiting involved, including restaurants.


…because we are not sure whether to admire your dedication, or alert others to come to your rescue. Also, have you spent 2 years sans window?

Sharonda Layton Carter – Three pieces of broken glass. I have been carrying them around for almost two years trying to find a match to a window that was broken at my home.


…because this is simply too creative NOT to win… and we absolutely believe you!

Kim Miller Malone – 12 goldfish crackers swimming, 11 tic tacs ticking , 10 pennies jingling, 9 hair clips waiting, 8 M&M’s a meltin’, 7 markers marking, 6 checks a bouncin’,* 5 golden earrings*( lost one :), 4 toddler books, 3 old french fries, 2 wet wipes, and a partridge in a pear tree 🙂

Runners Up – 50 more bags we’re dying to rummmage through

1. Joanna Abraham – A frying pan

2. Akua Wright- Denture adhesive… and no i don’t have dentures.

3. Saundra Robinson – A mini-Zohar from the NY Kabbalah Ctr.

4. Laurel Levey-Giacomino – Since I just got out of my annual mammogram check today, I have the paperwork from the hospital with a clean bill of breast health!

5.Heather Alger Worthen- A bacon chocolate bar (chocolate bar with bacon pieces in it- Called Mo’s Bacon Bar by Haut Chocolat)

6. DonEisha Goodson – A flashlight

7. Tash Brown – A boiled egg

8. Shereeda Maragh Brian Edwards – a portable nebulizer

9. Cristina Taboga Napier – A mini wind chime

10. Tiffany Stano – A rubber chicken

11. Yolanda Nunez – A chocolate covered cherry… and boy my purse was sticky

12. Nicole Hayes – a wine glass from my grandparent’s 65th wedding anniversary party

13. Alysha Allison – one of my son’s toy cars

14. Diane Meyrick Rudnick – Silly putty – you’d be amazed what you can do with that stuff

15. Kristine Krickit Bemboom – Ideas for 2 new tattoos & black gum

16. Jodi L Smith Kozloff – a tube of caulking

17. Bianca Guevara – Charmin To Go Toilet Seat Covers

18. Sabrina Segarra – 3 pairs of sunglasses

19. Loren Long – A little minature buddha that is supposed to encourage luck in love (a girl can use all the luck she can get!)

20. Crys Riley – Organic chicken doggie treats. Never thought I’d be THAT girl

21.Sylvia Acosta – a fruit cup

22. Cooleen Mcgill – a lock pick

23. Susan Carroll – An apple peeler

24. Tressa Washington – Wig piece

25. Isabella Smalera – Tibetan Healing Incense

26. Irene ✯ LaLo – A purse inside another purse

27. Vanessa Lynn – A 12×12 tile square to take to the paint shop to match my walls.

28. Sharon Jeans Crawford – an open can of cat food

29. Alison Solomon – 3 pairs of shoes

30. Lisa de la Rionda – travel size Dove Deodorant, compliments of Spa Week (okay, we had to put this one in!)

31. Sarah Glass – a piece of cardboard that I found in my grandparents old luggage written on by my grandfather with their old contact information on it.

32. Lacey Sue Maffettone – A teal travel corkscrew

33. Rebecca Burdick DeBorst – a screwdriver

34. Tiffany Stano – A rubber chicken

35. Amy Adams Rabenstine – a jar of baby food

36. Denise Doldron – A mini Swingline stapler

37. Camille Brown-Robinson – a package of strawberry jelly from pizza hut (breakfast at the airport last week)

38. Paige Emenheiser McLaughlin – A ziploc baggie of burned white (baking) flour to heal my newborn’s diaper rash. (it works!)

39. Ann Freeland – A mini plastic turtle – my son puts toys in my purse for when he gets bored while we’re out.

40. Deidra Johnson – Mini speakers for my iPod

41. Lateefah Alleyne – A strapless bra… I can not turn my day to night outfit into one without it

42. Abby Phinney Robertson – an avocado

43. Sheila Hedlund – A box of thank you cards so that in my spare time I can write long overdue thank you notes to friends.

44. Erika Mia – my grandmas dentures

45. Batya Kornblum – a ziploc bag filled with drinking straws

46. Halle Kat Farokhi – Copcutt – Food scale

47. Denise Yvette Perez – sponge rollers for my hair

48. -Sarah Hecksel –  a large ziplock bag full of various human hair, including my ownr. I had a haircut yesterday and the salon wasn’t donating it’s hair to to help clean up the Exxon oil spill the the Gulf, and thought I’d donate some myself. And yes, I rummaged through the trash bin for the swept up hair

49. Shereen Mencke – it’s a toss up between a box of resume paper and my daughter’s leapster that needs some new batteries

50. Junie Reypach – An Elmo Toothbrush

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