There’s no reason to head into your wedding day stressed or unprepared—we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to look effortlessly fabulous on your big day, thanks to our new Bridal Beauty section.

There, with the help of the wedding experts over at the Wedding Channel, we’ll tackle all kinds of wedding beauty queries—from common curiosities to strategies that may have never even occurred to you before (for instance, how about a 6-month plan of attack that will have you looking gorgeous?)

To kick things off, though, let’s focus on something every bride worries about: her hair.

Did you know that the season your wedding occurs in should play a huge part in your hairstyle decision? Spring brides should guard against humidity with ultra-moisturizing styling products and sleek, minimal pin-ups, braids, and ponytails. Summer brides should avoid gel like the dickens, and consider cute crops and sweat-fighting updos. Fall and winter brides? Well, you have a little bit of time, why don’t you check out check out the advice for yourself?

Our features will change frequently, so check back often!

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