If you were to look up the definition of a spa newbie, a picture of my shiny, porous face would be perched right under the example phrase. I’ve had problems with my skin for years– pimples, break-outs, dry skin and oily skin. I’d buy face washes, toners, and scrubs… but after working the regimens for several weeks without results, I’d just give up. Ironically, a facial at a spa seem to be the last choice. That was until I started interning at Spa Week… and visited La Peau Day Spa for my first facial.


It was intense to say the least! After a much needed cleanse and steaming, my facialist Joy massaged my face with cream in all different directions. Then she started the diamond peel, aimed at tackling all my troublesome acne problems. After, I was given a neck and back massage, a pleasant surprise. Then Joy applied a cold mask which hardened while I drifted off into a relaxing afternoon nap.


My spa experience came to an end with painful extractions. Although it wasn’t included, Joy reassured me that I needed it. The peel itself would only take care of the little bumps and pimples, but I needed the extractions to get rid of the big ones, full of bacteria. I definitely didn’t want dirt left in my face, so I let Joy do the extractions. While it was a painful experience (it felt like someone using the end of a wire hanger to tug at my skin) I definitely needed it. The results were instantaneous.


There’s been much debate about extractions: Should they come with your facial or if it should be an add-on treatment? Melisse from Well + Good NYC looks deep into the debate, speaking to estheticians on both sides of the coin. My extractions did not come with the treatment, but I didn’t mind because it was worth and made such a big difference. Then again, if it’s so essential, they should just include it!

Do you think extractions should be included in the treatment? Read more and weigh in on the extraction wars HERE.


La Peau Day Spa
183 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10013
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