Yesterday we were concerned about tasers. Today, it’s lasers.

Completely Bare Spa, famous for its state-of-the-art hair removal technology (and infamous for vajazzling) is where I’ll went afternoon to share with you my very first bikini laser hair removal session. They use the Sciton YAG laser, BBL system, Lumenis diode laser, and the Lumenis Epilight™ and Quantum IPL hair removal devices… none of which I’m sure I’d agree to let someone aim straight for my lady parts if I didn’t trust Completely Bare completely.

“Imagine… no more waxing, shaving, razor stubble, or ingrown hairs. Just smooth, hairless and clear skin.” After hearing multiple success stories from friends and colleagues, this promise is what really sealed the deal.

Tune in below today at 4 PM EST–we’ll be answering your questions and you’ll get a chance to see what it’s REALLY like inside the treatment. Beam me up, baby!


Below you will find the treatment videos in full, with answers to all your questions. Since you may not want to watch the treatment in its entirety, here are the answers to your primary questions, which also capture the highlights of the experience:

Does it hurt? Not at all! I was surprised that it didn’t hurt, not even a little bit. Although some people report tremendous pain, the procedure used at Completely Bare was barely detectable, let alone painful. There was one zap that I felt a tiny bit, but it was less painful that a solitary pluck, and as some of you asked, is very different from (and much less painful than) electrolysis. If fear of pain is your reason for holding back, feat no more.

Are there any options for blondes? According to Completely Bare, unfortunately there are no laser hair removal options for people with blonde, gray or red hair. I know, it’s 2010, you’d think they’d have come up with something, right? Although I’m blonde (thanks Warren-Tricomi), I was dark enough down there that Completely Bare feels confident it will work. Completely Bare offers (and encourages) trying a test patch and seeing how your skin reacts According the this story, new technologies are developing with more promising results for blondes.

I’m concerned with it possibly leaving dark marks on my skin. I have super sensitive skin and wonder if it will work on my skin type. The number one stressed in my laser session is that tan skin is more susceptible to bruising.  If your skin has been exposed to sunlight in the past few weeks, you’re risking dark spots. If you haven’t tanned and you’re still concerned because your skin is sensitive for other reasons, again, try that test patch and see how your skin reacts.

Is it permanent? When we asked on Facebook, a few of you had come forward with negative reports on the permanence of past laser experiences. Having only gone once, I cannot vouch personally, but I do have friends and colleagues who have raved about the success of their treatments. According to Completely Bare, you will need to come back for touch-ups from time to time, and even after the whole process is complete, you still may have only removed 70% of hair. It will vary from person to person.

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