Celebrity Suspect: Betty White

Case:Any other eighty-nine year old who has accomplished as much in showbiz as Ms. White has would be content to rest on her laurels – we’re thinking a daily routine where nothing on her to-do list is more taxing than a few mimosas over Golden Girls reruns. But Betty has other plans in mind! She made a splash last weekend as the charming host of Saturday Night Live thanks to a vigorous Facebook campaign on her behalf, and now there those same Facebook fans are pushing for Betty to host the Oscars and guest-star on Glee – making her perhaps the world’s most beloved/hard-working octogenarian.

Spa Treatment Sentencing: Betty’s working hard and needs pampering! We sentence her to a 60-Min Hot Stone Massage – enough to be soothing, but not too rough. Just right for our favorite Golden Girl!

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