Guest contributor: Shelby JonesISPA Public Relations Manager

Remember the time you spent $150 on toner and face creams after your facial? Of course it was because they made you look 12 years younger and glow from a mile away, but did you ever think about the importance of the retail space setup in a spa?

Just like you learned folding shirts at The Gap back in college, the location you find the lotion and the bath robes IS really important. Spa-goers, we’re taking you “backstage” in the spa industry with a glimpse into some of the things spas think about when setting up shop, just like every other retail business. Spas, enjoy these helpful tips from ISPA to ensure you have a retail area that maximizes potential.

  • Putting a mirror in the wrong place can totally screw your Chi.  Don’t be a victim of bad Feng shui in your spa.  Learn how to map out your store for maximum energy flow and avoid no-no’s like fluorescent lighting and stale air.
  • Q: Why are people buying products? A: Because they need a solution to a specific problem (acne, stress, dry skin).  Make it easy for people to get what they need by turning your retail area into an extra treatment room.
  • Do you find yourself coveting big name department store windows (i.e. the King of all displays Barney’s creative director Simon Doonan)? Turn that envy into creativity with the help of these winning window display tips.
  • These 10 Insider tips for retail cover everything from loss prevention (not that anyone reading would ever have sticky fingers!) to choosing a location (as they say in real estate – it’s everything).

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