Tired of hearing it? Allergy season is in full swing, and unless you just got off the red eye from LA to NY, those teary, half-moon red eyes just aren’t acceptable.

Bees to the rescue. Last week a good friend of mine saw me tweeting about my bad allergies and shared his secret: Local honey cures allergies. I’d heard about this before, but have always been skeptical when someone tells me something will actually cure my allergies. Plus, how long would this take? Meds work in an hour. Deciding to give it a  try, I walked over to Andrew’s Honey at the Union Square Greenmarket, one of the most robust local, organic food sources in New York City, located just around the corner from the Spa Week headquarters.

Andrew (above, left), who does the harvesting himself right here in Manhattan and Brooklyn, explained why it works: “Local honey contains the same local pollen that you’re allergic to, so when you eat it, you inoculate yourself.”

TESTED: After a week of keeping a pot of Andrew’s whipped (you’ve gotta try it) 100% pure, raw, local honey at my desk, and dipping into it a few times a day, I am thrilled (and quite astonished) to report that I have not sneezed since. Allergies, GONE.

All those years of being afraid of bees, and they were only trying to help.

Go and give it a try for a week and let us know if it works for you too! Click HERE for more info on where to buy Andrew’s Honey. If you’re not in NY, find the beekeepers in your area who can do what your allergy meds can’t. Until then… here you go.

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