The leap from IKEA furniture to furniture made out of…well, real wood (we love you, IKEA!) can be a pretty big (and expensive) one – but when you’ve seen your exact $60 “Billy” model bookcase in all your friends’ homes, you might be ready for furniture that reflects your personality just a leeetle bit more.

So, how to grow up without shelling out mad cash? Easy – enter IKEA Hacks, a website with hundreds of easy ways to alter and adapt IKEA furniture to make them your own.

Inspired by the site, in my own apartment we took a cheap $20 table from IKEA and covered it with samples of designer wallpaper and a coat of polyurethane to make a stylish, spill-proof one of a kind table. It was a piece of cake, and I’d love to try other IKEA hack projects in the future. Here are three of my favorites:

Make A Dali-Style Melting Clock
Make a Rope-Bridge Bookcase
Make an iPod Protector

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