A sure sign that summer is around the corner is when celebs start predicting the forecast with their hair color. Exibit A, the lovely Michelle Williams, who made her extra-blonde chic debut at the Cannes Film Festival. Next we have Carey Mulligan, whose blonde stresses peaked during this year’s Oscars. Lastly, we have resident blonde Hilary Duff, whose wispy highlights always seem to be perfectly coiffed. To some, going blonde is a little a cliché, but it’s a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. We chatted Roi Barnard of Salon Roi in Washington, D.C. whose been in the business for 38 years and is responsible for the lovely dos of some of the White House big wigs, all about the transition of going blonde safely.

Spa Week Daily: Which clients of yours are going blonde the most?

Roi Barnard: Mostly blonde on blonde. They’re already blonde and they want to be blonder. Lighter than strawberry blond. Clothes get lighter everything gets lighter. It’s human nature.

SWD: What’s the best advice for people with dark hair wanting to go lighter?

RB: Best advice is to take it in stages and not strip the hair all at once. Start with highlights and take it in baby steps. The hair winds up being healthier. It’s too hard on the hair so it should be done in gradual stages.

SWD: How long should the transition period be?

RB: Gently, in 3 trips, 6 weeks apart. You have to be very careful with the hair. We try to talk them into taking care of the hair in a proper way.  Even with a flat iron, everytime you use it you’re burning you hair.

SWD: Being blonde can be expensive. What are the best drug store products for keeping your blonde safe?

RB: Neutrogena shampoo and conditioners are the best drugstore products.

SWD: And your favorite products?

RB: Phyto is the best. Phyto Ultimate Hydration Shampoo helps to keep the hair moisturized something you need when using color. Also, Phyto’s Vita Force Crème Mask is good to use right out of the shower.

SWD: What are the latest trends in going blonde?

RB: We actually just came from a hair show.  There’s definitely a lot more slicing instead of blocking. Literally strips of colors. More dramatic effects. Customers don’t care if people know if they have colored hair, now they want it to be known; it’s a statement. I have a colored and I don’t care.  Coloring is play field.


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Images Courtesy of Loreal Makeup Files , Beauty Riot, and Bella Sugar

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