Guest contributor: Shelby JonesISPA Public Relations Manager

In the infamous words of Dolly Parton, workin’ 9 to 5 can be rough. (Check the BBQ Playlist we posted yesterday–we really <3 Dolly these days!) If you’re barely getting by in the office because you lack motivation or have too much on your to-do list, then it’s time to take a step back and evaluate how productive you really are. It’s no different working in the spa industry, with constant scheduling changes it can be tough to stay focused. You can’t always be on your A-game, so how can you be more productive?These tips prove that some of the “tried-and-true” methods may not be as valuable as we think.

  • Trying to do 10 things at once – it’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it! One study revealed that being distracted by e-mails and calls can drop your IQ by 10 points.  That’s equivalent to losing one night of sleep or smoking marijuana. The key is to just say no to multitasking.
  • Busy bees are some of the most productive creatures in nature. Learn the A, BEE and Cs of their success.
  • Do you find yourself going to meetings to talk about the meeting you just had?  Do you schedule quick 15-minute updates and find yourself listening to your co-worker rattle off a to-do list for 45 minutes? Your symptoms point to a bad case of Meeting-itis.  This can be highly contagious, but there is a cure.
  • The obsession to get as much done as we can leads to stress and mental exhaustion. Take a spa approach by stepping back and releasing some of the stress that comes with are busy 24/7 lives. The Tao of productivity can show you the light.

Now that you’ve learned how to be more efficient you can pour yourself a cup of ambition and put these tips to use.  Dolly would be proud.

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