Internet Week is officially here in NYC!
A week to celebrate the city’s thriving Internet industry and community.
Back-to-back panels and parties embracing social media, technology and a love for connecting and creating online.
But we have one question:

How do you #SIGNOFF?

Editor and blogger Anne Fritz religiously turns off her phone every night at 11 PM sharp. Social media strategist Zachary Adam Cohen hardly goes a minute without tweeting… or a day without Bikram Yoga. “Digital something” Damien Basile tweets proudly about leaving his phone at home when he goes for a run outside.

It doesn’t take much.

So this Internet Week, Spa Week is hosting an Internet Week Retreat with exhale to encourage widespread #SIGNOFF for the folks who need it most–for the online  influencers, innovators, and those who have shaped the Internet into what it is today. A little thank you via massage, meditation, acupuncture and inspirational speakers… and a little reminder to live life in more than 140 characters.

Join in the #SIGNOFF movement!

Tweet your best Internet Escape tips using #SIGNOFF and @SPAWEEK

now and throughout Internet Week, June 7 – 14.

We’ll retweet the good ones from @SPAWEEK, and we’ll blog some of the best ones too.

But don’t worry… we’re not straying TOO far from The Internet. Tune in right here June 10th from 4 – 7:30 PM for our LIVE Internet Retreat inspirational speaker series on how to live better offline for a healthier, happier and more productive you. Here’s the lineup of speakers:

Update: We were not able to live-stream due to a shift in speaker location within the venue, but we’re videotaping everyone and will post their talks soon!

4:20 – Welcome + Opening Exercises with Spa Week and Exhale
Michelle Joni Lapidos (@michellejoni) Social Media Director at Spa Week + editor of Spa Week Daily (@SPAWEEK)
Catherine Hess, Holistic Health Counselor and Senior Teacher for exhale (@exhaleNYC)
Topic: Taking time to EXHALE in the Great Technology Race

4:40 – Zachary Adam Cohen (@zacharycohen) Social Media Consultant, Blogger, Local Foods Advocate, Yogi
Topic: Tweet. Eat. Yoga. Repeat. Learn Zach’s most successful moves—online and on the yoga mat.

5:00 – Keri Glassman (@keriglassman) Author of The O2 Diet, owner of Nutritious Life, Women’s Health Magazine & CBS Early Show contributor.
Topic: How to Be Healthy, Thin And Beautiful (and not just in your avatar)

5:20 – Oz Sultan (@ozsultan) Social Media Specialist at Irisnation, world’s largest private agency.
Topic: Ayurveda and Unani: Growing up with Ancient Cold Remedies in a 2.0 World

5:40 – Andrea Syrtash (@andreasyrtash) Dating and relationship expert, author of ‘He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s a Good Thing)’
Topic: Your love life—Online and Off.

6:00 – Brett Petersel (@brett) Business Development and Events at Mashable
Topic: Mashable Unplugged! #SIGNOFF advice from the most plugged in of them all.

6:20 – Julia Roy (@juliaroy) Senior Manager of New Media, Coach Inc., Digital Influencer
Topic: The Rules of Disengagement, by Julia Roy

6:40 – Damien Basile (@db) Communications Strategist and Entrepreneur, Simplifier
Topic: Running without a phone in your hand, and other brilliant ways to separate Work and Life

7:00 – PJ Gach (@bettybuzz) Senior Style & Beauty Editor at Betty Confidential
Topic: Offline Excellence, as told by a member of the team that won Min’s 2010 Best of the WebEditorial Excellence Award

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

And for all the techies– when our next bi-annual Spa Week event comes around with luxurious $50 spa treatments for all (September 13-19 on the West Coast and Chicago, October 11-17 for the rest of the country), feel free to throw a #SIGNON party in the middle of it. We won’t be mad.

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