The Little Luxury:  Bump, the iPhone app that means you’ll never have to let anyone else put their grubby paws on your phone again.

Relationship status: I gave Hoccer a try for a while, but eventually came running back.

Bump what?: Bump allows you to select pretty much anything on your iPhone – contacts, photos, you name it – and transfer it to your friend’s iPhone or Android by simply bumping the phones together.

How-To: Fire bump up, select what you want to send, and tap phones together. There’s a delightful little vibration when the phones connect, and voila! You’re all shared.

Quoted: When you select info to bump, that info gets sent to the Bump servers. The super-smart algorithm uses location information and other “bump characteristics” to figure out where your bump partner’s phone is – then it gets sent over.

Not for you if…. You constantly want to be sending everything on your phone to lots of people all the time. First of all, control yourself. Maybe just try sending like one picture to one person, in which case Bump will work just great, and see how you like that. If you can’t force that much intimacy upon yourself, though, try Hoccer – another free program that works similarly, except you “fling” your info in a semicircle to be snapped up by multiple awaiting phones. Maybe I don’t have enough friends, but this is not nearly as much on my wavelength as Bump is – and my anecdotal experience suggests that Hoccer’s algorithms are less precise than Bump’s, which result in more dropped and failed transmissions.

How much: Like all the best apps, this baby’s free. And now you can be bumpin’ on your iPad, too!

Hot Stone Scale: 6 out of 6


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