I knew it was going to be good when I received this direct message from Fred DeVito last weekend:

SIX hours? Fred, who is part of the founding team of exhale and Core Fusion, had spent 3 hours giving and 3 hours receiving Thai Massage Therapy the Saturday of this tweet. As I learned during our session last Friday, something unique about this treatment is that it is also highly beneficial for the person giving the treatment, serving as a form of exercise.

True Thai Therapy doesn’t take place under a towel on a massage bed; it’s done on a padded surface on the floor in yoga clothes, so anything is possible. Rather than just digging in deep with their hands, Thai Massage requires the use of the therapist’s elbows, knees, feet, balance, and inner core strength. Many of the techniques are actually yoga poses–there were a few times during the treatment I had to open my eyes just to see what which of Fred’s body parts were doing what! His heels dug into my arms while his hands worked my lower back (sort of like a 4-handed massage) and then he’d seemingly be balanced on his head with his elbows massaging my calves, while simultaneously wedging a pillow under my backside and bending my body into a glowing C-shaped beacon of relaxation–or something like that.

As opposed to traditional table massage, Thai Massage (formerly called Body Enlightenment at exhale) mobilizes your joints and stretches your entire body. It’s great for athletes who need both deep tissue attention and proper full body stretching.  It is more rigorous and energizing than your average rubdown, and after a stressful week served as an invigorating rebirth of my mind and body.

While I rested silently on the mat when the treatment was over I’m pretty sure I was supposed to turn off my thoughts, but I couldn’t help but think about how many exciting elements of this treatment I wanted to blog about! Try Thai Massage for yourself and let us know what you think.

Apologies: Live-streaming of this treatment has been postponed until further notice.

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