Weddings are officially serious business, and lots of brides prepare for their nuptials the way a 5-star general might prepare for war. So, natch, why wouldn’t you apply the same principle to getting in shape for your wedding?

That’s the premise of Bridal Bootcamp, a fitness course-turned-VH1 reality show that promises to take a handful of weeks of your life and kick you into the best shape you’ve ever been in just in time to put on your frothy dress.

The fitness program was so successful that VH1 recruited two teams of blushing to-be-brides who wanted to get in shape before their big days and threw ’em on TV to broadcast their struggle on national TV. Just like regular bootcamp, the show pushes the brides to the breaking point by forcing them to eat, drink, sleep, and breathe physical challenge. It makes for good TV for us – and hopefully lasting change for the brides.

If you’re married, did you go to lengths to look your best on your wedding day? Would you head off to a bootcamp to make the difference?

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