If you’ve ever Facebook-surfed ’til 2 in the morning, slept with your Blackberry nestled under your pillow, or caught yourself thinking in 140 characters or less… listen up. The #SIGNOFF Movement is over for blogging’s sake, but now it’s up to you to keep it going on a daily basis. On June 10th in NYC, Spa Week’s Internet Week Retreat encouraged everyone to reap the benefits of frequent, wholesome breaks from the dizzying inter-webs and our many technology devices. We pampered over 200 Internet addicts with an afternoon of massage, meditation, acupuncture, refreshing cocktails and a wealth of #SIGNOFF inspiration from some of our favorite Internet personalities and wellness experts.

So before you listen to us and actually #SIGNOFF… learn a thing or two from the video recap:

Also, check out the Retreat pics on our Facebook Page

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