It’s easy to find ways for pampering and beauty on the cheap – travel can be a little trickier. Add up tickets, a place to lay your pretty head, food, fun and your getaway can get bogged down in priciness pretty fast. What’s a girl with a jones for the beach to do?

Why, come to Spa Week, of course!

La Source – The Amazing Holiday in Granada, West Indies is offering an eminently affordable way to indulge in travel with their All-Inclusive Spa Indulgence package. All inclusive means you don’t have to find your own food, drinks, or activities – all you need to do is enjoy the sandy shores of Pink Gin Beach and revel in the daily included spa treatments, all at a steal of a price.

Enjoy 30% savings and your 7th night free…and of course, a spa treatment included every day you stay. Rates start at just $235/person per night. What are you waiting for?

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