Summer days can mean cool breezes and the sand between your toes – they can also mean melting makeup, sweat-clogged pores, itchy dead skin, lotion & deodorant buildup…and ew. We just grossed ourselves out.

Sounds like the doctor ordered a sugar scrub to reveal fresh, clean, summer-soft skin. But if you’re like us and you can’t make it to the spa for a weekly rubdown, it’s time to call Sugar Mama Honey Scrub andBubbling Exfoliant from Glowology into service to help you scrub-a-dub your way to a spa worthy glow in your own shower.

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A perfect bath and post-shave treat, Sugar Mama Honey Scrub is a decadent delight for you and yours, completely calorie-free. With a feather light cotton candy consistency, ultra-fine sugar is spun into honey, and then blended with shea butter, organic olive and sunflower seed oils to deliver an indulgent bath experience. Deliciously rich and highly effective, this body scrub gently exfoliates to remove dead surface skin cells, leaving skin silky soft, smooth and ultra-moisturized.

Key Ingredients:
Aloe Vera
– Provides moisture to soften, soothe and comfort skin.
Honey – Creates a water-tight film, allowing skin to rehydrate itself. Moisturizing, softening, sweet and fragrant.
Olive Oil – Moisturizes, protects and nourishes skin. It is very beneficial for dry or damaged skin.
Shea Butter – Protects skin’s suppleness while providing moisture to improve the appearance of dry skin.
Sugar Cane – Helps to dissolve and remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. By decreasing the thickness of dead cells on the surface, a new layer of skin with a smoother texture and a more uniform color can be revealed.

A soothing shower secret with gentle exfoliating properties to smooth and soften skin for luxurious results you can see. With the Bubbling Exfoliant, tiny bubbles dance with oats and honey to gently remove dead surface skin cells without over-drying. Creamy, yet still lightweight, it’s formulated with skin-enriching emollients, that leave skin refreshed and primed for moisturization.
Key Ingredients:
Coconut Oil – Conditions skin, relieves dryness and flaking, prevents wrinkles and protects from the damaging effects of UV radiation from sun. Lathers readily and softens skin.
Glycerin – Absorbs moisture from the air and thereby helps products retain moisture. It improves the spreadability of products and provides skin moisturizing benefits.
Honey – Creates a water-tight film, allowing skin to rehydrate itself. Moisturizing, softening, sweet and fragrant.
Soybean Oil – Provides a dose of natural vitamin E, to moisturize and soothe.


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