We asked on our Facebook Page: “What’s one thing that you enjoy doing independently, with nobody else, just Y-O-U? You chimed in with the responses below. Try those and our 5 things we think you should do by yourself this summer to claim your independence in little ways.
“Riding my horse” -Daphney Overocker
“Going for a long walk” -Laura Fairclough
“Running along the river” -Erin Koeppel
“Long night drives” -Esther Choi
“An empty house w/no one other than ME/MYSELF & I” -Sharice White
“A good massage”- Cecilia Wong
“(Getting a) Facial” – Cindy Scanlon Smith
“Singing at the top of my lungs to a great tune” -Debbie Bashford
“Yoga. I feel most focused when no one else is around” -Melissa Rogers

Having a little “me-time” is so important. You can celebrate your independence this week in so many more ways than devouring a cheeseburger, 2 hot dogs and steak all on your own.  A little solo time goes a long way.

1. Watch A Movie: It’s fun to cuddle on the couch for a flick or go to dinner and a movie with a good friend, but a movie with just you can be a delightful way to spend 90 minutes. Don’t be afraid to venture to the theater stag! Netflix is also an old time fave. Watch 3 of your favorite movies at once, return and replace with something new for just $8.99 a month. Just provide the buttery popcorn.

2. Write It All Down: Remember life before Twitter and Facebook? Yea we don’t either. Instead of unnecessarily spilling your darkest secrets into a a distant friend’s news feed… sit by yourself like the good old days and jot it all down. We promise no one will read it.

3. Shop ‘Til You Drop: Need a dress for a special occasion? Need some retail therapy? Don’t wait for your girlfriend to make time in her schedule–shop solo and depend on nobody’s opinion but your own. Another way to shop independently? Shop from the convenience of your iPhone with the Splendora Salescast app. With over 20 applications from you favorite sample sale sites like Ideeli and Gilt Groupe, you’ll never miss out on a good bargain buy again.

4. Take A Hot Bubble Bath: We can’t think of a more therapeutic version of alone time than taking a hot bubble bath. Experience the full ambiance with  scented candles and music playing in the background. Add some bath salts and it’s a heavenly escape.

5. At-Home Spa Day: And after you take a relaxing bath, give yourself an at-home facial. Gather up your old magazines, with tips and tricks that you promised yourself you would try and actually do it. Rummage through your fridge for the fruits and veggies required to give yourself an organic spa day. Your skin will thank you.

Images Courtesy of Work It Mom, 3H-Lady, Real Simple, Teen Vogue,

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