It’s exactly what it sounds like. A facial for your vagina. Until Vajazzling hit the scene, vaginas everywhere felt left out of the spa circuit… but no more. 2010 is officially their year. For the non-bedazzled, minimalist approach to making your lady bits shine, the spa treatment you need to get on your radar is: The Bum/Bikini Facial. Especially during the summertime, bumps, redness and ingrowns on your bikini line should be treated with the same care and attention as the skin on your face.

Sound creepy and weird? Here at Spa Week Daily we seek to deliver the most candid looks inside all sorts of spa treatments, and today is your day to learn all about this below-the-belt beauty ritual sweeping the nation. Here’s a preview:

This spa treatment, officially called The Bikini/Bum Facial, works to minimize the damage from continual trauma from a bad wax, excessive shaving and ingrown hairs resulting in discoloration, scarring, and hyper-pigmentation causing a “shadow” effect. The treatment also treats acne, age spots and rough skin on the buttocks, ensuring that skin looks flawless in even the most itsy-bitsy of bikinis. At the end of the treatment, skin feels baby-smooth to the touch. $135 at Completely Bare Spa.

We’ll be exploring the 5 steps to achieve a southern region as smooth as a baby’s bum.

Step 1:Cleansing the area

Step 2: Crystal Microdermabrasion – exfoliates dead skin and scars of ingrown hairs, shadowing caused by skin being pulled during waxing sessions

Step 3: Steaming – to help with the extractions of ingrown hairs and acne, as well as open pores

Step 4: Soothing Organic Mask – to close the pores and balance the skin

Step 5:LED Light Therapy – Green LED reduces melanoma production and pigmentation. Blue LED prevents bacteria and acne. Yellow LED detoxifies.

Watch the live-recorded action at Completely Bare Spa. (SFW – promise!)

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