In honor of Independence Day, we want to talk about hitting the open road with just “me, myself, and I” along for company. If you haven’t previously considered solo travel, here are 5 reasons solo travel is amazing – so what are you waiting for, independent lady?

1. No compromises. Teresa Rodriguez Williamson advises, “The first mistake that many new solo travelers make is relying on the recommendations of others, while not considering what they personally want from their vacation.” Solicit recommendations from savvy friends – but ultimately make sure your vacation fulfills your heart’s desires above all else.

2. Courage.
If you’ve never traveled alone, the prospect may seem daunting. But pushing past the  fear can result in incredible, unparalleled experiences. If you can adjust your discomfort at the idea of not having a traveling partner, you’ll find that the only traveling partner you need is within. Freelance writer and caterer Amy Lynch recommends practicing by taking yourself out to a leisurely meal – no books, magazines, or phones allowed. Don’t apologize for enjoying your own company!

3. Meeting friends. Heading off without traveling companions in tow gives you the chance to find brand new ones along the way. You can begin your trip alone and end it with a passel (or trainful!) of new friends.

4. Meditation and contemplation. Whether you need to sort out thorny personal/professional matters or just need a trip to combat stress and get your head on straight, a trip alone can give you the jumpstart you  need to contemplate what’s pestering you – and figure out what to do about it.

5. Get to know yourself better. When you take yourself out of your comfort zone and your daily routine, you’ll find depths of resourcefulness, humor, and capability you didn’t know you had.

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