The Little Luxury: TheraPearl Eye-ssential Pack

Motto: It’s Ice. It’s Heat. It’s Smart Relief.

Relationship status: Summer lovin’.

How to use it: Pop your Eye-ssential Mask in the freezer overnight and when you wake up in the morning with puffy or tired eyes, you’d better believe the chilly mask is going to feel divine. Apply it for 25-30 seconds and reveal fresher, more awake eyes when you peel it off. The gelatinous liquid inside remains at the perfect just-below freezing temp – so the mask isn’t so frozen that it pokes your eyelids, but it also won’t heat up before you’re done cooling off.

Psst – a timely hint: The mask also feels GREAT on a gross-out hot day (like, uh, today.) Store it in the fridge and use it when you come in from the heat – it feels great on summer-gritty eyes, but the moldable shape also works for the back of your neck, your forehead, ankles, wrists, shoulders. You get the picture.

Other TheraPearl Lifesavers The product also comes in several other styles and models, perfectly suited for using as therapeutic heat or even more therapeutic cool.

Where do I get one of my very own?: You can order one conveniently through the TheraPearl website, where they have every variety just awaiting your tensed muscles and super-sweaty days.

Hot Stone Scale: 5 out of 6

This Little Luxury Report was brought to you by: Meghan


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