Summer weddings are popular for a reason, but when you pick your summer date it’s hard to predict whether the day will be a sunny, breezy mid-70s delight or a record-breaking scorcher. Hope for the dreamy summer day and be prepared for the scorcher with these 10 easy tips.

Wear your hair in an updo to keep your neck cool.
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Avoid caffeine and stick with plain or flavored waters.
If your wedding’s outdoors, send the ringbearer or flower girl down the aisle with a bowl of ice cubes guests can use to cool exposed skin.
Test-drive sunscreens before the big day to find your favorite. Try a fluid that will melt into skin and won’t be greasy.
Limit your champagne intake – nerves combined with sun exposure might make you more susceptible to booze.
Avoid hair gel as believe it or not, it may melt. Opt for a calming serum and strong hold hairspray.
Try using a potent anti-perspirant like Certain-Dri.
Hand out paper fans as guests arrive. You can find pretty, zen-inspired designs at the dollar store.
Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner and opt for a fresh, nude look – the less makeup on your skin, the better.
If the big day’s going to bring record-breaking heat, consider putting up a tent to offer guests some relief and shade.

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