Celebrity Suspect: Lindsay Lohan

Case: Unless you don’t have access to a radio, TV or the internet, or been spending most of your days under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Lindsay Lohan’s hard partying ways have finally caught up with her. For real this time. In court, she plead with Judge Marsha Revel to overlook her 9 missed alcohol counseling sessions and careless probation violations. After a very dramatic bucket full of tears she was still sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in a drug and alcohol rehab facility.

Spa Treatment Sentence:
Judge Revel did a good thing. Lindsay needs to slow down and to put her life back on track. Before she goes off to big house we think Lindsay could use a little zen and balance. We’re sentencing Lindsay to an Acupuncture Session at Green Tea 38 Spa. (Check our Spa Deals and get your own session for just $60 this month, minus the jail sentence.)

Image Courtesy of RTE Ten

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