Life after 5 PM usually involves a handful of women circumventing a bar table cascaded with a half-dozen martinis. We would love to serve you the same intoxicating effects with a twist.  We’re taking happy hour from the bar to the spa with six different ingredients.  Here’s a dash of spa treatments to put on your calendar, inspired by the happy hour.

Champagne toast! Celebrate with bubbly, not just because it’s fancy. The fizz helps close pores, making the skin tight, firm and glowing—a natural toner. Worried about the alcohol being bad for your skin? Champagne actually contains less alcohol than most store-bought toners.

  • Champagne Rose Mani-Pedi The ultimate manicure and pedicure for the privileged! Sit back and relax while you are served a flute of champagne. Your feet and legs will be treated to the healing and soothing qualities of a champagne extracts. Enjoy a warm whirlpool soak of champagne oil and grapes, followed by a grape seed masque, topped off with a soothing massage. This treatment will leave your hands and feet feeling smoother, more hydrated, and relaxed. My’ Amour Salon and Spa

Raise a glass of red or white! A calming glass of wine can be the perfect stress releasing remedy after a long day. Just imagine those effects applied to a spa treatment. Pure relaxation. The grape mixtures in vinotherapy assist in soothing the skin and helps to slow down the aging process. Plus in moderation, wine can be good for you. A glass a day has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and slow the progression of certain cancers.

  • Vinoperfect Treatment The radiance and vitality-restoring facial for fatigued skin. A stimulating, sculpting massage with essential oils and alternating hot and cold basalt stones awakens the luminosity of the complexion and restores tone to facial contours. A radiance mask, and application of Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Cream SPF15, draws out the skin’s natural radiance from within and prepares it to face the world outside, better protected from the pollutants of city life. Caudalie Spa in NYC

Happy hour like The Queen – Think high tea. Green tea has been incorporated into healing remedies in Asia for centuries. It is naturally rich with antioxidants which help the body protect from free radicals, whether you’re sipping or slathering it on. Her highness would approve.

  • Asian Green Tea Ritual This aromatic experience begins with a selection of green tea or mandarin water. A gentle sugar scrub exfoliates the skin in preparation for a complete mud mask to detoxify the body. In warm candlelight, ease into a green tea bath to soak away stress. Your ritual is complete with an anti-oxidant – rich massage using green tea massage oils. The Spa at the Crescent at Rosewood Crescent Hotel
  • Green Tea & Ginger Wrap This sea enzyme wrap begins with a body scrub that contains a healthy dose of antioxidants and nutrients. It is followed by a body wrap with green tea to balance the yin and yang, ginger root to invigorate your mind and a seaweed algae to stimulate your body’s metabolism. Finally a tropical-scented papaya pineapple lotion containing rejuvenating protein enzymes is massaged in leaving your skin invigorated and nourished. Hammock Beach Resort
  • ARIA Signature Massage with Green Tea Eye Treatment A Massage Therapist creates a custom full-body massage, focusing on particular areas to provide stress relief, ease tension, or just “get the knots out.” Soothe tired or strained eyes with green tea compresses rich in antioxidants. Includes a face massage with cool marble stones. The Spa at ARIA
  • Hot Spiced Tea Scrub A sugar scrub for sensitive skin, this treatment helps exfoliate and detoxify the body as it hydrates and nourishes the skin. The Crystal Spa- Saratoga Springs

Venti Spa Latte? Why certainly, and it won’t even keep you up all night. Coffee has a variety of applications in the spa. Caffeine from coffee is a blood vessel constrictor, so it helps people with rosacea, reduces dark eye circles and puffy eyes. Coffee is also used in a lot of anti-cellulite creams because, well, have you ever had cottage cheese with your frapp?

  • Green Coffee Wrap, a cutting edge, metabolism boosting anti-cellulite treatment. The Green Coffee Wrap will smooth and enhance skin texture and reduce the dimply “cottage cheese” look using a unique blend of micronized green coffee powder, chlorogenic acid and essential oils. During your wrap experience a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. After your wrap you are treated to a full body hydration with Pevonia’s smoothing and toning Body Svelte Cream. An ultimate luxury for the beach bound! Not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers. My’ Amour Salon and Spa
  • Espresso Body Polish, A gentle blend of crushed espresso beans, Indian sarsaparilla and black clay is lightly massaged into the skin removing dead skin cells and restoring balance to the body. An application of Creme de la Creme body moisturizer completes the experience. This treatment is ideal for sensitive skin. The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Denver
  • Caffeine Manicure and Pedicure A blend of ground coffee beans and sugar to stimulate, detoxify and regenerate your tired hands and feet, followed by a cocoa clay mask and an invigorating massage with a combination of advanced moisturizers.  D. Tour Spa at the MotorCity Casino Hotel

Milk and honey baths… Cleopatra was onto something. The hydrating properties of milk really do a body good, applied on the outside too. Milk promotes moisture and prevents dryness. The Lactic acid in milk helps to cleanse the skin gently down to its deepest layers.

  • Milk and Honey Body Wrap A luxurious hydrating treatment for any skin type. A lavish milk-and-honey emulsion is applied and then combined with a hydrating wrap and lotion application. The Spa at The Stoneleigh Hotel
  • Milk and Honey Body Wrap A gentle brush exfoliation will prep your skin for a full body application of this hydrating body wrap that contains an exotic blend of coconut milk, raw honey, and exotic nut extracts containing a rich source of natural antioxidants and a bounty of nutrients to revitalize, moisturize and balance the skin. Finish with a nourishing body butter application for soft and replenished skin. The Catamaran Spa

Cocktail Specials. If it sounds like a girly martini, chances are it’s a spa treatment too. Who knew alcohol could be a good buzz for the skin? Alcohol acts as an antiseptic and works to exfoliate dead skin, and sugar is one of the best natural exfoliants we know.

  • 50 Min Mojito Body Exfoliation Smooth and rejuvenate the skin with organic sugar crystals and peppermint leaves to refresh and exhilarate. Close your eyes, enjoy and escape.  EnviouSkin
  • Cocktail Vermouth Twist This “happy hour peel” is a potent 15% salicylic acid and 2% retinol peel that improves the appearance of all skin conditions. It helps regulate oily skin, decongests open comedones and smoothes the overall texture of the epidermis. The formulation is fortified with powerful antioxidants, including Spin Trap, Resveratrol, and Vermouth to minimize the effects of free radical damage. The Spa at BHPS

Images Courtesy of  University of Texas, Choice News, Gold Wing Cars, The Daily Green , Le Tourment Vert, bernardfarrell

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