What could be better than a massage?
Two massages at once.

And what could be better than two massages at once?
Two massages at once, in which both masseurs are 6’3, tan and chiseled with sharp jaw lines and indecipherable European accents. In loin cloths.


This was the delusional hope for my Four-Handed massage at Graceful Services Spa in NYC, but the reality was just as fantasy-like. Grace herself, the owner of Graceful Services, specifically recommended I am taken into the (many) hands of their 2 finest, strongest therapists. Introducing Jeff and David:

During a Four-Handed Massage, two massage therapists manipulate the muscles of the body simultaneously; concentrating on the areas at different extremes of your body. Oftentimes one therapist will work deeply on an area of pain, such as the shoulders or lower back, while the other continues to massage the rest of the body.

I was prepped for my treatment by being told that my therapists speak very little English, so if there were any requests or specific areas to focus on, I should tell the  in advance. I was also told that in a Four-Handed Massage, the therapists sometimes have to chat with one another to coordinate motions and discuss your body’s needs. I was assured that any chatting would NOT be about a football game after work, or more importantly, anything inappropriate about me.

The massage, in a word: MINDBLOWING. It was a literal double-your-pleasure situation, so much so that I didn’t even mind it only being 25 minutes long. Jeff concentrated on my upper half: back, neck and head, while David focused on my legs and lower half: legs, glutes and feet. The knots in my back were thoroughly addressed, my legs felt immediately revitalized, and the deep scalp massage at the end hit all the right chords. Eastern and western techniques combines for a perfect package.

For modest spa-goers, this may not be the best choice of treatment, especially with two men. There was the occasional adjusting of towels that exposed me almost entirely at times. Perhaps to make room for all the hands. Personally, I felt completely comfortable because I know the goals of massage therapists are for their clients’ benefit and enjoyment only. But if you’re shy or new to massages, save this one for another time.

As someone who receives massages fairly regularly, I must say that this one really put the TREAT in treatment. Graceful Services is a friendly, no-fuss facility that delivers exquisite, professional wellness services for a reasonable price. They specialize in massage, and their combination of traditional Chinese deep tissue massage including Swedish and Shiatsu techniques, enriched with the power of “Qi”. I would absolutely visit them again to de-stress after a long week of work.

Graceful Services
1095 2nd Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10022

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