Everyone loves a good party, but there are so many details required to bring it all together. We enlisted the help of fellow spa lifestyle enthusiast, Talk Spas to give up the goods on what it really takes to have a great Spa Party.

That’s right, it’s time to break out your best towels, set up a facial bar, and bring on the home spa party! Everyone loves to be pampered, so what’s better than spending a day in the lap of luxury, surrounded by friends, for an afternoon that won’t break the bank. Here’s a quick guide to throwing a fabulous home spa party!

1. Environment is Everything. Establish the mood from the very beginning by choosing a calming theme for the day – think “beach” or “florals” – and crafting your invitations with soft colors and lush materials, like parchment or vellum. Fill the room with scented candles and tea lights, replace harsh lighting with soft paper lanterns, set out pitchers of ice cold water accented with mint leaves, place baskets of fruit in easy reach, scatter vases of fresh flowers, and create a playlist of your favorite soothing tunes.  For an even greater spa ambiance, lay out stacks of magazines and adorn tabletops with little luxuries like moisturizers, nail polish, and even chocolates.

2. Let’s Get This Spa-rty Started! No one wants to feel rushed while they’re luxuriating, so aim to start the party around noon. Limit the guest list to no more than 10 and try to keep the afternoon kid-free (even if it means roping in an older sibling to do some babysitting!).  Have friend who teaches yoga? Start the party with a mini class to get everyone centered and ready to luxuriate. If facials are the event of the day, set out bowls of materials – like cucumbers, avocados, scented scrubs, yogurt, and cotton balls – and let everyone make their own face mask. Or introduce your friends to the world of aromatherapy by experimenting with the calming effects of basic ingredients (mint leaves, lavender extract, vanilla beans) and easy-to-find essential oils.

3. Feed All Your Senses. Like any other fete, a great home spa party isn’t just about the main event – it’s also about the food! The best refreshments are anything light, healthy, organic, and most of all, flavorful. Treat your guests to fresh blended fruit smoothies enhanced with ginseng powder. Set out trays of fresh vegetables and light dips. Chilled shrimp, canapés, mini sandwiches, and even fresh bruschetta all make perfect spa party bites! Have freshly brewed iced and hot green tea on hand and of course, plenty of water.

4. No End to the Relaxation. When your spa party finally comes to a close, that doesn’t mean the luxuriating can’t continue! Ask everyone to bring enough of one small spa item or toiletry to supply everyone in attendance (could be mini bottles of moisturizer, candles, tubes of lip gloss, or packs of your favorite bath beads) and set up a mix-and-match assembly line for the easiest gift bags you’ll ever put together.

Cheers to your home spa party!

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