Your time is precious. Especially when you have less than an hour to pick up your dry cleaning, stop for lunch, and attempt to make up for those juicy beef tacos you had topped to the max. It’s okay to turn down the drink invite. Why not turn your happy hour into an hour filled with endorphins and perspiration?

Sixty minutes is plenty of time to do a substantial routine that involves strength, endurance, stability and flexibility… but you have to know what to do.

Introducing your virtual fitness coach Noam Tamir, president of Flex4Fitness Inc. and certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA.

Noam, what’s the absolute best way to maximize 60 minutes at the gym?

1. First start with a 5 min warm up on the elliptical cross trainer or treadmill. This will start to elevate your heart rate and warm up your muscles. Bikes are okay but they mostly involve the lower part of your body and therefore don’t warm up your whole body.

Important: Don’t stop moving. The more you move the more energy you use and the more calories you burn.

2. Next, do 10 min of dynamic stretching movements. Lengthen the muscle through movements such as rolling your shoulders, crossing your arms back and forth to stretch your chest and kicking out your feet to stretch your hamstrings. You can do repetitions of 15-20 for each one. Again, this will elevate your heart rate, create blood flow and prepare your muscles to be worked.

3. The next portion of this workout consists of the 25 minutes resistance training. Most people think that weights cause you to only build muscle, but what they also do is burn fat. Not only that, but it causes you to burn calories at a higher rate for up to 36 hours after your training versus a cardiovascular training which causes your body to go back to normal after just a few hours. The resistance training should consist of high reps, little rest and stability exercises so that your core is constantly being challenged. You can begin with lower body movements such as a squat on an unstable surface such as a bosu followed by a bent over dumbbell row, into a bridge with a swiss ball, into a dumbbell chest press on a swiss ball. Using big muscle groups and alternating upper and lower body allows you to keep moving and lets certain body parts rest a little so you can keep up the intensity.

4. Last is 20 minutes of cardiovascular training–running, biking, elliptical, your pick. Why cardio at the end? The reason being is that it takes most people 10-15 minutes just to start burning fat. The first energy source the body uses is its carbohydrates. At this point the cardio you do is all fat burning and much more optimal.

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