We love a good spa day, and even more so when we can infuse the effects of a warming beach day into a relaxing spa treatment. Technology-driven beauty treatments continue to grow in popularity, but don’t be so quick to forget about those that derive from nature. Some of beauty’s best kept secrets are found along the country shores.  Seaweed, salt and coconut are 3 active beauty ingredients for great skin. These natural products work to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate when we need it most.


That mucky substance you try to avoid at the bottom of the ocean is seaweed and can do wonders for your skin. Seaweed contains Alga polyphenols and Carotenoids which are both strong anti-oxidants. The plant is rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins. One of the major perks of seaweed is that it’s highly anti-bacterial and rids the skin of acne toxins.  So the next time you’re in the ocean don’t jump when you feel a slinky leaf floating by, use it and prevent an unwanted blemish.

1. Seaweed and Green Tea Body Wrap – 75 Min Detoxifying and slimming, seaweed based treatment. Leaves the body feeling lighter and the skin smoother. Complete with a full body exfoliation and facial massage, this treatment is a head to toe experience. Spa at the Windsor Arms Hotel, Toronto, Canada

2. Seaweed Body Wrap – A combination of seaweed extract and essential oils are applied to the body. The application helps to rid the body of toxins, rejuvenate your skin and relieve stress. You are then wrapped in heated blankets followed by a shower to help remove all impurities. Lotion is then applied to finish which leaves your skin silky smooth. Studio 19 Salon and Spa, Brooklyn, New York

3. Tropical Body Butter Wrap & Seaweed Body Wrap – This 80-minute long spa ritual at  begins with a gentle coconut creme scrub followed by a relaxing massage with exotic oils. A coconut body butter wrap promotes hydration and repairs skin cells. Enjoy a warm oil scalp treatment to restore shine and life to restore shine and life to hair while treating the scalp with vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.  Spa Cascada, Saratoga Springs, NY

4. Seaweed Body Polish – A full body treatment. Includes a dry brush exfoliation followed by a seaweed body masque that hydrates and mineralizes the skin. After a hydrating body massage with our Avocado body lotion. Skin feels like silk after! Ridgewood European Day Spa , Ridgewood, New Jersey


Taste this active beauty ingredient as you go in for a dive. Compared to your typical cleanser sea salts are almost microscopic in reaching deep areas underneath the skin. Giving your skin a good salty rub down not only cleanses but can also exfoliate, polish, and combat dead skin cells making for a much brighter and even skin tone. Not to mention you’ll be glowing even when the sun sets.

1. Hydrotherapy – A relaxing soak in seaweed infused with essential oils as well as sea salts. There’s also a detoxifying rejuvenation wrap with minerals and a sea salt body polish. Altered Images, Houston, Texas

2. Sea Infused Rejuvenating Facial –  A relaxing and renewing facial that evokes all the senses of the beach. You will be swept away with our Sea Salt hand and arm scrub, that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Our supple facial uses marine trace elements that are essential for the renewal of skin cells and healing of the epidermis. During the treatment you can relax with a massage for the neck, shoulders and face. Escape to the beach for a complete rejuvenating experience. The Center for Skin Care , Denver, Colorado

3. Supreme Body Bliss – A lavish sea-salt body scrub infused with herbs and essential oils. Finish with a light massage and full body hydration.  Oriental Retreat & Spa, Seattle, Washington

4. Salt-Glo – A full-body Sea Salt exfoliation that removes dead skin cells to enhance the function of the skin. Recommended four times a year with the change of seasons, this treatment will leave your skin soft and glowing. Spa Ambiance, Rye, New Hampshire

5. Salt Glow Body Scrub – This rejuvenating scrub gives your body the tender attention, the silky feel and luminous glow it deserves. Microfine salts with lavender and petit grain, an orange flower, are applied to the skin for exfoliation. An aromatic, warm hydrosoluble oil is massaged onto salts melting them onto the body. This leaves the skin and muscles soothed and relaxed. Cassianna Day Spa, Washington D.C.


The tropical fruit found 30 feet above is beneficial in many areas including hair care, stress relief and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, but will focus on the beauty perks for now. Coconut is a natural resource for skin hydration and doubles as a massage oil. While it’s no substitute for SPF, it can also work as shield for sun protection. Not to mention its aromatic effects; no fragrance required.

1. Tropical Paradise Pedicure – Relax and be pampered from sole to soul. Begin your treatment with a ritual cleansing with coconut milk followed by a pure sugar cane exfoliation. A warm body butter wrap is applied to the feet while your legs are massaged with warm exotic coconut oils. Spa Cascada, Saratoga Springs, New York

2. Summer Escape –  2 1/2 hour package. It includes a 55 minute coconut oil massage, a 55 minute facial, and a 25 minute coconut body scrub.  At Ease Spa, Hillsdale, New Jersey

3. Skin Essentials Body Scrub – Our Skin Essentials Body Scrub uses Pure Fiji natural bath and body products. Blends of Coconut oil and exotic nut extracts to moisturize, nourish and protect the skin. Choose from coconut, pineapple or starfruit. Super yummy and definitely leaves you dreaming of the beach and ocean! Skin Essentials , Denver, Colorado


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