You wouldn’t think a wedding on the beach would be expensive – after all, you’ve got the perfect backdrop for your pictures, the ceremony, and the reception. And no one has to buy shoes!! But if you’re not careful, your carefree beach wedding could become an accounting nightmare. We’re all about easy ways to cut wedding budgets around here, so here are three big ways you can save equally big clams (GET IT?) for your seaside nuptials.

Go with the casual theme. A beach wedding inherently has a more informal, breezy vibe than a traditional church or country club wedding does. Take advantage of that to cut corners and save cash without giving up ambiance. Cute, homemade invitations will fit the theme perfectly, and you don’t need to spend money on flowers or decorations when you have the splendor of the ocean as your backdrop. Rent comfy chairs for your guests and opt for a pretty, gauzy canopy to get married under and you’re pretty much done where decorating is concerned.

Rent a beach house to save on hotel and reception costs. Instead of footing a big hotel bill for your wedding party, look into a beachside rental home – you can sleep there during the wedding weekend and you can host the reception inside once the ceremony is over. Have food catered, buffet-style, and supply drinks yourself. Pick a few easy-to-mix drinks that can be prepared ahead of time in large bowls or pitchers (try mojitos, Sea Breezes, or margaritas.) Or set up a champagne bar where guests can sample different types of bubbly. An enterprising DJ friend or an iPod can serve as your music!

Check permits. The easiest way to save money on a beach wedding is to make sure you’re not paying out the nose for the sand under your feet. Some beaches require lovebirds to purchase permits before they say “I do.” Your first move as an engaged couple planning a beach wedding should be to contact the municipality of your desired beach location to see if they charge for gettin’ hitched.

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  1. Beverly Gibbs

    Amazing Idea of beach wedding. As I’m a busy professional planning the party by oneself is very difficult, hence my friend suggested me to have a look at service providers for my wedding arrangements. I will definitely ask the professional to plan a beach wedding for me.


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