We can hardly get our capes together! MAC Cosmetics just announced a new collection inspired by everyone’s superheroine, Wonder Woman. While there are no major details available just yet, you can imagine the collection will be outfitted just for Diana Prince — with cool shadow tones, deep mascara and coral lipstick.

According to WWD, MAC Cosmetics said Wednesday that the company is partnering with DC Comics’ Wonder Woman to create a limited edition color cosmetics collection featuring the illustrated superhero. Set for a spring 2011 launch at all MAC locations worldwide, the lineup is expected to include lipsticks, eye shadows, blush and nail polish ranging in price from $13 to $49.50. (No word on whether metal-deflecting bracelets are part of the collection.)

Are you prepping your headbands as we speak? Or are you more on the side of Olivia Munn and say: SUCK IT, WONDER WOMAN?

Clearly we’re all going to need to pick sides.

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