Weddings in city hall or a church? No, thank you. You’re an adventurous bride, and you want your wedding ceremony to show your spirit – which means you certainly can’t get married somewhere typical. Luckily, we’ve got your back. Here are 5 unusual, super-secret wedding locations you probably didn’t know you could use for your wedding!

1. The London Eye

British Airways’ London Eye hovers high above the city to afford you breathtaking views and an unbeatably unique wedding day. You are married by a civil ceremony when you reach the top. Up to 20 guests can join you on your ascent and British Airways will provide a champagne toast to your new life on the way down!

2. The Great Wall of China

Get married somewhere where the scenery matches the limitless possibility of your future stretching before you by getting married on the roof of the Commune, a thatch of contemporary modern villas run by the Kempinski hotel group near the Great Wall of China.

3. The Zoo

While it may never have occurred to you to invite chimps and giraffes to your wedding, your local zoo can provide a fun and playful backdrop to your nuptials. Young and young-at-heart guests will love the after-hours peek at the critters! Your local zoo is almost certainly set up to host gatherings like this, so give them a call to discuss rates and dates.

4. A Cave


If you want a ceremony that’s completely private, consider a wedding in a cave – stay with us here. There are some gorgeous groupings of caverns in North America, and many allow you to exchange vows in their staggering, comtemplative natural setting. Check out wedding permit info for Carlsbad Caverns here.

5. A Sports Arena

If you or your intended is a sports fanatic, take your wedding over the top by hosting the ceremony or the reception on a local football field or in a ballpark. You can theme your food and drink appropriately, and toast to a home run marriage.

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