With all those outdoor activities, those pesky insects are eating you alive! It’s so hard to stop scratching those itches…  but here are a few remedies in the form of FUN that will hopefully make you forget you were bitten at all.

Miss Cozy’s Tip of the Day: Bug bites can be a pain, but even more so, scratching them can sometimes cause an infection – so we definitely want to avoid that! Cut a lemon in half and scratch your itch with the soft pulpy side of it. This will provide a soothing relief. Next, put some aloe on top of the area for a cooling relief and it will help heal those bites even sooner!

If you have the chance, try to stop by one of these great events this weekend:

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin – In the mood for a 24 hour bike race?? Milwaukee is the place to be this weekend! The Riverwest 24 Bike Race starts at 7 pm on Friday, July 30 and goes until 7 pm on Saturday, July 31. The rules: Riders can choose to do the entire thing solo, with two people and a tandem bike, with a team of 2-6 riders using one bike, or with a team of 2-6 riders using 2-6 bikes Riders traverse a circuit of four checkpoints to make a lap, and riders with the most laps within their class win — plus, to break up the monotony of riding a continuous circuit, cyclists can ride to rotating “bonus” checkpoints, which are worth two laps. For more info, check out Riverwest24.com.

Dallas, Texas – “Just Dance” on National Dance Day, this Saturday July 31st – Texas Six Flags is hosting a a choreographed dance for park guests to participate in. National Dance Day was created with the hopes of spreading dance education and physical fitness throughout the United States, National Dance Day was created. Leading the efforts at Six Flags Over Texas will be special guests from the Dance Council of North Texas. These Dallas dancers will teach park-goers a routine created by notable choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo. For more info visit My Fox Dallas FW and for a discount on admission here is a coupon.

Cleveland, OH – The Great Lakes Medieval Faire is a shaded, 13th century family fun theme park filled with fine continuous entertainment, juried crafts and artisans, rides and interactive games, and foods fit for a King. Step back in time to an age of romance and chivalry, where brave knights battle on the open jousting field for the favor of the Queen, fair damsels, and the roaring crowd. Join King Richard the Lion-heart, Queen Berengaria of Spain, and the Knights Templar as they visit the village of Avaloch for a day of Celebration and Festivities! Open on Weekends through August 15th, 2010 from 11am – 7pm, rain or shine. For more info visit The Great Lakes Medieval Faire.

Long Island, NY – Shark Week!! That says it all.. Atlantis Marine World is kicking off this amazing time of the year by welcoming Philippe Cousteau, grandson of the legendary Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, at their Shark Week Live! Kick-Off Celebration on Saturday, July 31, 2010. Philippe Cousteau will meet and greet aquarium visitors from 12pm to 2 pm
At 2 pm, there will be a special screening of the premiere episode of Shark Week Programming in the aquarium’s Riverfront Room. At 3 pm watch Philippe Cousteau experience the aquarium’s one-of-a-kind Shark Dive programs with one very special winner. Atlantis Marine World Aquarium is located at 431 East Main Street in Riverhead, NY. Click here for coupons.

Reston, Virginia – Time to enjoy some delicacies from the Asian Festival in Reston, Virginia, where there will be unique music, cultural performances, food, beauty pageants, fashion, handcrafted items, and other representations of Asia. This year’s Asian Festival is showcasing the Philippines. Discover age-old traditions and exciting places that have defined the Philippines, the rich heritage of this nation’s peoples and its 7,107 islands. This festival runs from July 31st until August 1st, 2010 – Saturday 10 am – 10 pm and
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm. Located at Lake Newport Tennis Facility – 11452 Baron Cameron Avenue – Reston, Virginia. For more information visit Asian Festival DC.

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