Not all allergies are created equal. Last week we were invited to Smooth Synergy in New York City to test out a treatment touted as having the ability to not only sculpt your face, but also de-puff the eyes, clear sinuses and reduce allergies. We sent Dina, Spa Week Account Manager and sneezer extraordiare, to decide if the CelluM6 Integral Machine at Smooth Synergy was the real deal. Here’s her recap:

I’m almost 30, and my eyes are the only thing that are showing my age (or so I tell myself). I also have epic allergies that make my eyes puffy and baggy most mornings. In other words, my eyes are doing wonders for my appearance.

Enter the Endermolift treatment at Smooth Synergy in Manhattan. It’s the only place in the city that offers this de-puffing and contouring, complexion-reviving and lymph node-draining treatment using the CelluM6 Integral machine.

Endermolift is designed to target different problem areas, which means the treatment can be used to tone your neck, sculpt your cheekbones, even slim down a double chin. But when it came to my choice of problem area  – the eyes had it.

My 20 minute-long session with Tamara and the CelluM6 Integral, left me looking visibly refreshed and younger. My cheeks were plumped, my bags diminished, and my around-the-eye wrinkles made less visible. Added bonus: my sinuses felt relieved, too. Amazing.

How does it work? The machine gently delivers “micro-beats” into the problem area. These micro-beats stimulate cells and kick-start their natural production of collagen and elastin.

CelluM6 Integral in action - the difference around the eyes was noticeable!

Smooth Synergy suggests weekly treatments in order to see the best possible benefits and offers special bundled pricing (such as one free treatment when you buy six.) Their prices range from $120 for the eye treatment up to  $200 for a complete face, neck and décolleté anti-aging treatment.

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