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When your abs are strong and you know how to breathe, you feel like you can do anything. For years now, I’ve noticed that core muscle strength is key to getting into any workout routine. That’s why I try to attend a yoga class as regularly as I can, and that’s why I make a point of doing fifty crunches every night.

In case you’ve been neglecting to observe basic fitness rules like this in the past few months and need to fit into that little black party dress ASAP, here’s a great way I’ve found to fast track right back into the groove.

I was invited by Spa Week Daily to visit the RejuvaLife Vitality Institute in Los Angeles where I tried out the 7E treatment, aka TORC PLUS. Having struggled myself with yo-yo weight and eating disorders in my teens, I was excited to discover a doctor’s practice in the heart of Beverly Hills that offers less than drastic procedures for body sculpting and weight loss. Dr. Andre Berger’s institute promotes holistic anti-aging medicine, hormone therapy and non surgical cosmetic treatments such as homeopathic injections, carboxy therapy and lipo massage.

But instant inch loss? 7E Treatment says yes!

A FDA-cleared bio-electrical stimulation treatment for body contouring, the 7E treatment is not designed for patients who are trying to achieve weight loss. It is a conditioning treatment that acts though bioelectrical waveforms to strengthen your core in as little as thirty five minutes. The ideal patients are recovering from lipo and dedicated to working out, or they’re new mommies who want to recoup a tight waist quickly.

Laying down on the treatment chair, you will find yourself stimulated with bio-electrical waves targeting motor points and causing muscles to contract, and then to release. All throughout the treatment, you are being assisted by a specialist who, while chatting with you and comforting you, monitors the intensity of the waves as the minutes go by, as per your instructions. It’s not painful at all, but it’s intense. It feels just like an alien was moving around in your belly. The sensation has often been compared to stomach contractions that occur at the end of pregnancy.

Benefit # 1 is you do lose inches fast. I personally lost a total of one cumulative inch, between a 25.5 inch waist and 30 inches at the hips. The lady who went in before me, initially slightly thicker, lost a total of 3 inches. I must say she also proved tougher than me on the level of waves she could take in.

Benefit # 2 is an instant increase in vitality. The same type of euphoric feeling you get after a long run or a fantastic orgasm. If I had been depressed or PMS-ing for the past few days, my mood was instantly elevated as I walked down the street to meet my girlfriend at Bouchon.

Day 2 and 3, my abs were certainly sore, just like I had had a really intense personal training session. I ate light and did a lot of walking. On day 4, I was ready to hit the gym again.

Typically, clients commit to a series of six treatments for optimal results. I can’t wait to go back.

LA’s RejuvaLife Vitality Institute will be offering this for just $50 during the upcoming Fall Spa Week, coming to the West Coast September 13-19. Start booking appointments August 16th! Keep an eye out for this and other instant inch-loss treatments like Ionithermie this Fall.

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