Just when you thought vajazzling was the end all and be all of  vaginal adornment, along comes a trend that allows you to turn your private parts into the Sistine Chapel. Introducing: The Vattoo.  We’re thrilled to help our beloved, intrepid spa buddy Bryce Gruber of The Luxury Spot, who has, for better or worse, become the authority on all questionable down-there design, present her latest video to the world.

How does Vattooing work? A Vattoo starts with a Brazilian Wax, clearing the area of any hair and making for a clean vattoo palette. (If going completely bare isn’t quite your style, a little furry can make for a nice 3D effect.) After the area is completely waxed and you’ve chosen your design, the Vattoo is airbrushed by hand. Don’t try this at home; this isn’t some cheap temporary tattoo from a candy machine. You can customize it any way you’d like, and it lasts 7 to 10 days. For the full story, read Bryce’s recap on TheLuxurySpot.com

Try it during Spa Week! Bikini Glamour made our list of the top 12 hottest spa trends for Fall 2010, and if the Vattoo doesn’t fall under that umbrella I don’t know what will. Officially called “Inked” by Completely Bare Spa in New York City, this treatment (including the wax) will be offered during the upcoming Spa Week for just $50 at select Completely Bare locations. (Normally $115).

Stay ahead of the curve, let Michaelangelo be your guide, and stay classy my friends.

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