Many sneeze-stricken souls in sniffly sinus situations are seeking the spa for solace. (Repeat that 5 times fast.) Fighting Allergies is #1 on our list of top 12 treatments for Fall. Why? Because more than 50% of you suffer from allergies (fact!) and allergy relief has not only become more common in spas, it’s also one of the most tangible ways to reap the health benefits of the spa lifestyle.

One of our Orange County spasCloudMover Day Spa, is offering a Sinus/Allergy Relief Massage combined with their signature HB Facial during the upcoming Fall Spa Week (Read: $50). With your nasal passageways in mind, we asked CloudMover a few questions about this treatment:

Who is a candidate for a Sinus/Allergy Relief treatment?

The clients that benefit the most from this treatment are those who suffer from intense sinus pressure, migraines and stress headaches.

In your own words, what can a client expect during a Sinus/Allergy Relief Massage?

When providing an Allergy Relief Massage we always begin with soft lighting in the treatment room, in case the client suffers from light sensitivity due to migraines. We also keep all scents to a minimum as to not over-stimulate the client.

We then proceed to wrap the client’s lower body in a cocoon-like fashion giving them a sense of comfort and security. Essential oils are combined with an oil-free massage solution to prevent clogging of pores. Eucalyptus oil is recommended to maximize the treatment’s circulation stimulation properties.

Using our essential oil blend, pressure point massage is then gently applied to several areas including BL1 (just above inner eyes), BL2 (inner brows), GB21 (back of neck) and ST2 (below the pupil). These pressure points stimulate the movement of congestion in the sinus cavities alleviating headache pressure and inflammation.

To get the best results we include a scalp and shoulder massage to stimulate lymphatic flow, leaving the client with a feeling of total relief and relaxation.

If we want to supplement a treatment with Allergy Relief when it’s not Spa Week, what do you suggest?

We recommend a 15 – 30 minute service for best results. Cost: $25 for 15 minutes and $45 for 30 minutes.

Are there medical risks associated with this treatment?

Trained providers are required for CloudMover Allergy Relief Massage. When working with pregnant women certain pressure points like the HOKU (point between thumb and forefinger) can affect the pregnancy. CloudMover always uses client intake forms to identify allergies and health conditions that are contraindications.

Do you have any quotes from your allergy-prone clients?

“I felt like my head was in a vice when I came into CloudMover for the service. When I left the room my headache was gone and I could breathe out of my nose again. Even more important, Marisa was well trained and took into consideration for my pregnancy.” –Alana C., Client since 2006

“I don’t know what you do but even with a custom facial massage you relieve the congestion better than any allergy medicine I’ve ever taken.” –Leslie M. Client since 2007

Want to book this treatment for yourself? Let CloudMover uncover your sunny, smiling side during Spa Week for just $50. Booking has begun, and this treatment is in high demand. Sign up for Spa Week and give them a call to book and learn more:
CloudMover Day Spa
7368 Center Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

The $50 Spa Week treatment: 60 Min HB Facial with Diamond Peel or Sinus/Allergy Relief Massage

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