Don’t just reach for the remote… reach for the stars! With the Emmy Awards coming this Sunday, we got the inside scoop on which stars use which products, and it’s not as complicated or expensive as you’d think. Go ahead, get that glowing skin and pearly white smile for yourself. You don’t need a red carpet, just a nice comfy couch to watch it all from.

1. Relaxation is Key

If you didn’t fall under Celebrity Spa Arrest, relax and calm your pre-Emmy jitters with Ecoya ($50.00, soy candles. Light a gorgeous Sorrento candle, close your eyes and breathe in the all-natural scent. Nominees such as Toni Collette and Glenn Close take a moment to let their Ecoya scent calm their minds- and nerves- before a big event! Warning: Do not put Ecoya candles in your ear.

2. Perfect Complexion

Glee’s leading lady and nominee, Lea Michele takes tips from the Kardashian sisters and uses their skin clearing system, PerfectSkin, ($29.95, ) can make you look just that-perfect at the Emmys! There is no use having a gorgeous hair style and perfect make up if skin blemishes creep through and ruin your look! All it takes is the right skin regimen to make your skin clear, radiant and ready for the spot light. Want more tips for perfect complexion? Try Katharine McPhee’s skin care secrets.

Step 1: PerfectSkin Cleanse, Equalizing All-In-One Cleanser gently cleanses, refreshes, softens and brightens the skin as it whisks away impurities and removes makeup.

Step 2: PerfectSkin Tone, Balancing and Refreshing Toner penetrates deep into pores to remove dirt and sweep away dead skin cells without stripping skin of its natural moisture.

Step 3: PerfectSkin Repair and Protect, Intense Moisture BioRepair Complex delivers intense hydration to the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


3. Glowing Skin

A dress that shows some skin requires a flattering tan to show it off. Get a spray tan two days prior to the Emmys. Rushed for time? Try Kristin Chenoweth’s trick and look like you just returned from a tropical vacation with a self-tanner like Jergens natural glow EXPRESS Body Moisturizer ($8.99, In just one day you’ll get a subtle glow and within three days, you’ll have a glorious (and skin-healthy) tan, without looking orange or streaky. Jergens Tanning Moisturizer topped our list of 9 summer beauty must-haves under $9 – see all 9 here.

4. A Bright Smile

With a healthy glow, nothing complements your skin more than a bright white smile. A smile is the best accessory to every outfit. To make her smile bright, Jane Krakowski uses a teeth-whitening kit, Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects, ($29.99, Read more on Spa Week Daily’s Whitestrips Review – it’s one of our favorite drugstore products of all time.

5. Polished Nails

A mani/pedi is a great way to make you feel all dolled up for a special occasion. But sitting in a salon may require time that you don’t have. To get beautiful nails quickly, Nominee January Jones paints on one of the fast-drying colors from Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri nail color collection like Rapid Red ($5, and in 60 seconds she has beautiful dry nails minutes before hitting the Emmy Red Carpet! For red carpet occasions we do NOT recommend Sula Paint n Peel.

sally hansen insta dri

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