“Is it okay to get fully naked? Do I have to take off my bra?”

Well, Miss Manners we ain’t and Dear Abby we dare not imitate, but when it comes to getting naked at the spa, did you know there are faux pas that can bring down the bliss?  Yup. . . that’s right, as gung-ho as we are about your birthday suit, many fear that their spa time might turn crude, rude or downright lewd. Click here to learn more about #SpaWeekGossip.

So to help keep your spa time sublime this upcoming Spa Week—Sept 13-19 (West Coast/Chicago) Oct 11-17 (everywhere else)—this week on #SpaWeekGossip we’re baring it all:

– the 411 on all the spa do’s and dont’s to up your relaxation quotient
– the ultimate spa “uniform” for everyone (Hint:  You were born in it)
– funny and outrageous things we’ve witnessed at the spa
– how to be nude without feeling spa-wkward

AND where better to broadcast than LIVE from the spa? That’s right, in a groundbreaking Twitter party move, @ArtoftheSpa and @SPAWEEK will be live chatting during a spa treatment. And how much clothing do you think we’ll be wearing?

You guessed it. This week’s #SpaWeekGossip will be celebrating the world release of our first-ever music video… if you haven’t watched I Get Naked At The Spa, scroll down and enjoy.

Tune into the live broadcast HERE tomorrow from 2-3 PM EDT as you tweet away during #SpaWeekGossip.

Michelle from @SPAWEEK will be getting a massage at Spa Merge in NYC and streaming live here:

Candy from @ArtofTheSpa will be getting a facial at Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute & Spa and streaming live here:


What: Spa Week & Art of the Spa’s #SpaWeekGossip

When: Wednesday, September 8th, 2 pm EST / 11 am PAC

Where: On Twitter with hashtag #SpaWeekGossip or

For easier chatting (hashtag entered automatically for you) tweet on either:

Tweetchat.com or Tweetgrid.com

Topic: Spa Etiquette – The Naked Truth

Who: @spaweek @artofthespa & YOU!

Experts and Panelists:

@healingspas Wellness Lifestyle Aficionado

@hanky_panky_LTD Premier Panty Giveaway Sponsor

@markthespaman Die hard Spa Enthusiast

@BrianSmithRocks Star of Spa Week’s new music video, I Get Naked At The Spa (below)

@SpaHeiress The Beauty behind the Repechage Seaweed Dynasty

@etiquetteexpert America’s leading etiquette expert, author of BUSINESS CLASS, and founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach


WIN: We’re going to be giving away 3 pairs of crystal studded SPA WEEK Hanky Panky thongs (the Premier Panty to take off during Spa Week) to the top 3 tweeters of the party!

So  don’t be shy – arm yourself with your most pressing (even embarrassing) questions about getting your spa on – and join us at the spa.

Michelle (Spa Week Daily) & Candy (Art of the Spa)

Video accompaniment:

I Get Naked At The Spa

Image courtesy of momlogic.com

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