We realize that for the more demure spa-lover, going totally Naked Nelly at the spa is something you’ll have to ease yourself into. For many treatments, particularly body scrubs, wraps, or anything involving mud, clay or a lot of water, it is customary for a spa to provide you with paper panties. Are you obligated to wear them? Of course not. Paper panties are known for being white, ugly and unflattering, but if going full throttle isn’t your thing, you should know you’ve got plenty of options.

For example…

1. Prefer a thong or full booty coverage? Would you somehow feel sexier in black? It doesn’t hurt to ask your therapist if you aren’t thrilled with the ones provided with your robe and slippers. Check out this fully stocked website, with a bundle of coverage straight from the distributor.

2. Underworks Women’s Disposable Panties – These are SO Alexander Wang! Check out the side by side comparison.

3. Or.. try this cute little packaged number equipped with the perfect spa panty knapsack. Because we could all use a paper panty knapsack.

4. Etsy-worthy! These one-of-a-kind paper panties were handmade by yours truly just for the I Get Naked At The Spa music video. Maybe the future holds a place for these bad boys at every Spa Week spa across North America… but for now, you can just marvel at Brian’s behind.

naked at spa panties

If you INSIST on wearing NON-paper panties during your spa treatment, at least make sure they’re as comfortable as our new official lacy panty mascot. Be sure to enter our giveaway for a chance to win these Spa Week Hanky Panky panties, the Premier Panties to take off during Spa Week.

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