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Please welcome our newest guest columnist: Candy Silvasy, Spa Expert and CEO of Art of the Spa (also the co-founder of #SpaWeekGossip)

Let’s clear the air.  Think you have to live a la Paris or Martha to savor a stylish, sumptuous, spa inspired home?. . . Not!  No matter where you flop from fancy to farmhouse or how much (or little for lots of us these days) money you have – you can Pamper Your Palace and thanks to Spa Week, we’re here every week to rescue your retreat.  And I’m christening our column with something so element-ary that everyone does it all day everyday – breathing!

Loving our lungs by deeply breathing air is not only the simplest way to relax – it nixes nasty toxins.  Many spas even distinguish themselves based on the luxuriousness of their air like the Rio Mar Resort & Mar which has supersonic air filtration systems in the spa and every guest room.

BUT chances are in your own palace dust, pet dander, allergens and/or mold are lurking – sending noxious to your nostrils.  The solution? A few simple Spa ways to Detox Your Ox:

Suck it Up – Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter so dust doesn’t get ejected into the air.  Electrolux’s Sanitaire HEPA Vacuum does it in cheery fire engine red too.

Turn Japanese – Remove and have guests remove their shoes when entering your lair.  (I have cute slippers for mine to wear & this Shoe Pad by the door to gently remind them.)   Oh, and if they’re Manolos put them somewhere safe (nod to Carrie Bradshaw).

Defeat Dust –  Clean with lint free cloths like these from Caldrea – so air tight that surgeons use them.  Green alert – They attract and hold the dust and you don’t have to use chemicals.

Wash the Air – Filter driven air cleaners are so passe.  Perk up your pad with an air washer like the Plaston.  It  draws air through water instead of a mucked up filter.  Beauty Bonus – it humidifies the air keeping your skin moist & glowy.

Purify with Plants – Space isn’t the only thing that NASA is up to.  Their Sick Building study proves many plants suck in harmful gases and clean the air.  The classic book How to Grow Fresh Air gives how-to’s and 50 plants (many super low maintenance) for irritant free inhales.

Listen Up – Check out this airy concoction of inspiring tunes! (Click here for all the other Spa Week Daily playlists)

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Now just breathe. . .  ahh.

Live, Love and Lounge,


Candy Silvasy is CEO of Art of the Spa (, a spacentric brand that delivers home decor, beauty, cooking, style and living advice with a Martha Stewartesque flair.  An internationally recognized spa expert, her latest book SpaHome: Makeover Your Maison from Blah to Ahhhhh will be released in February 2011.  Is your pad more stress than sanctuary?  Pick her spa brain at

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