The healthiest, most indulgent holiday of the season is finally here, and what better way to kick it off than by saying: Good Morning, America!

This morning, 12 Spa Weekers and a handful of our most intrepid early-rising friends and family members are heading over to the GMA Headquarters in Times Square to kick off the 13th edition of Spa Week right.

Some of us are bringing our robes—whether we wear them is TBD. We’re not 100% sure what we’ll be doing when we appear on national television this morning, but we can assure you that we’ll be in the highest of spirits because… it’s Spa Week, America!

West Coast and Chicago: TODAY is your first day of Spa Week. Let the relaxation and pampering begin! Shower yourself with $50 spa treatments from now until September 19. If you haven’t booked yet, check out—some spas are still taking appointments.

East Coast, Midwest and Toronto: TODAY is the first day you can BOOK your $50 appointments for Spa Week, which takes place October 11-17. The much anticipated Spa Week directory went live on this morning, so call up your favorite spas and book now!

We’ll be tweeting live from the studio audience from @SPAWEEK, so follow us, flip on ABC in bright and early, and let the Spa Week festivities begin.

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