We got a tweet yesterday from our blogger friend Kia (@bodhi_bear), a new mom who we had sent for a prenatal massage last Spa Week season. As life cycles tend to go, her beautiful baby boy is now breastfeeding, and she had a new spa question that is of great importance for new moms:

Question: “What facial spa treatments are safe for breastfeeding moms?”

Answer: According to skincare expert Lydia Sarfati, CEO of Repêchage seaweed-based skincare for 30 years, you should not get any facials that have chemical peels or use any products that have a pH below 5.5 or above 10.5 — these will both break a barrier.

Below pH 5.5 would be an acid – like a glycolic peel, an alpha hydroxyl acid… anything that peels.

Above pH 10.5 – these are typically soaps with high alkaline that dry and strip the skin barrier.

A seaweed facial is an example of a safe, neutral option for breastfeeding moms. Seaweed is rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids and the make up of seaweed is nearly identical to minerals in human blood.  Not only is it safe, but seaweed has been proven to have positive effects on breastfeeding (as well as menopause) and can even help prevent birth defects.

Check out Spaweek.com to see where you can try a Seaweed facial near you during Spa Week this Fall.

If you ever have any questions about what is or isn’t safe for you at the spa under any condition, always feel free to tweet @SPAWEEK, write it on our Facebook wall, or email michelle at spaweekmedia dot com.

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