Yesterday we held our weekly #SpaWeekGossip Twitter Party where we indulged in tips for moms on how to indulge at the spa. At times, being a busy mom can seem stressful so it’s important to squeeze in “Me-Time” with a facial, massage, or mani/pedi. All this talk about “Mom-Time” at the spa raised valuable questions about the kids. Would you bring your kids to the spa? Most of our Hot Mom Spa Squad and other moms said no, but would probably agree that tots need spa-loving too.

Maybe bringing the babe to the spa isn’t your idea of money well spent (there are spas that offer Infant Massages), but that doesn’t rule out getting a massage at home. The benefits of a good infant massage are endless. It stimulates nerves and increases blood flow. A daily belly rubdown of can alleviate gas and regulates digestion.  Joanna from A Cup of Jo did a wonderful job documenting her at-home massage for her son Toby. Check it out below.

“Depending on how luxurious we’re feeling, we use baby massage oil, pure vegetable oil (which our doctor suggested, funnily enough), or nothing at all. I start by softly rubbing his forehead in circles and tracing his eyebrows…”
“Then I rub his chubby belly and down his arms…”
“Next I give him a double foot massage (his fave!)…”“And pull up his legs for a satisfying stretch.”“Next I flip him around onto his belly and rub his back…”

“And finish with some light karate chops! It’s become a sweet bedtime tradition, even though he is the wriggliest massaged person I’ve ever met.”

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