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Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute & Spa in Los Angeles is in the financial district and I can’t think of a better spot for a gem of a spa. YA specializes in skin rejuvenation – sort of a medical spa with a luxury feel.  While relaxing and pampering are part of the experience, clients expect to leave with their skin visibly improved.  Acne, lines, inflammation and discolorations watch out!

Perfect for me, who since moving to LA, has noticed more freckles and a drier visage.  Yolanda, who has been in the beauty business for 45 years, pays extra special attention to her clients so each treatment is customized.  After changing into a robe & slippers, I sipped a cup of green tea and relaxed in YA’s earthy green and fountain filled waiting area.

*Superspagoer secret:  You know how they say to look at stylist’s hair at a salon?  Check out the skin on the staff at a spa.  Every person at YA had lineless, gorge faces.

Yolanda retrieved me and welcomed into her office for a consultation which all new guests receive.  As I suspected, my skin was dry on the cheeks but oily in the t-zone with some acne (Ick – how embarrassing!) and freckles. Rx? Her Hydra Facial.

The Hydra Facial uses a high tech machine with several attachments that allow the esthetician to exfoliate, peel, oxygenate and inject vitamins deep into the skin.

Claudia, my aesthetician, cleansed and exfoliated me. (SpaHome note:  she recommends if you wear make up washing twice – once with a milky cleanser, then with a sudsy one).  Bumps (read zits) were extracted (the unfun part of a facial), but the foot massage I got during the extractions numbed any discomfort.

Next a gauze mask was applied over a disinfecting gel and a light passed over. Tingled!  Then the diamond peel.  I was a bit nervous it may hurt, but it felt like sandpaper on my face.  Next suctioning cups dispersed a vitamin gel into my pores, then sucked up excess – I felt like I was making my face do sit ups!  The finale, a blue light to calm residual redness.

To finish, sunscreen was applied.  Wow, a baby’s bottom would be jealous!  My face felt tighter, tingled and was a bit pink.  But it looked like velvet.

Watch live segments of the treatment – I live streamed it for our weekly #SpaWeekGossip party.

BONUS: Yolanda Aguilar is celebrating Spa Week & you can treat your summer ravaged skin for only $50!   Less than half of the regular price.  Call now because Spa Week ends Sunday.

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PS:  It has been a week since my Hydra Facial and my skin is smoother, brighter and softer.  As one of my friends put it last night, you always look good but now you’re glowing from the inside out!  Wow!  What a huge compliment.   Thank you Yolanda, Claudia and the entire staff.

Yolanda developed her own  treatment line which I have to try.  Will report on that in a month.

Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute & Spa
735 South Figueroa Street, Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Available $50 Treatments

  • 50 Min YA Beauty Facial
  • 45 Min Swedish Massage
  • 50 Min Reflexology Massage

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