As we’ve stressed before, the spa lifestyle is for everyone– man or woman, two months to 102 years, and everyone in between. For his first time, Jonathan Valdez, award-nominated blogger of took his post-summer skincare woes to facial guru Nadia at Tribeca Beauty Spa. Keep reading for Jonathan’s skin transformation.

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I was actually really nervous about my facial appointment. Some people say that it can be painful depending on what they do to you and that the peels could be a pain. The day came for my appointment and when I walked into the Tribeca Beauty Spa I was greeted by a friendly staff. They offered water and/or a glass of wine while I waited for Nadia to call for me. Finally the moment came and I walked into a dim room and was told to lay on the table and to wait for a tiny bit. From the moment I got comfortable I felt instantly more relaxed. There was peaceful music playing and soothing sounds filled the room. Then it was time to get started.

Nadia really knows her stuff when it comes to facials. Before she starts doing anything she cleans your face and then looks at it under a light with a magnifying tool. She assesses your skin and plans out what she feels would be best for what she sees. Basically all of her treatments are tailor made to every client because, as we all know, no two people have the same skin.

As I said before, I had been having trouble with my skin and some things just had to be opened up. Nadia used a lancette to open up some of the stuff that had made my face feel tight and uncomfortable. I was concerned that it would be painful but Nadia takes extra caution to make sure that it is as bearable as it can be. After the hard part was over, Nadia informed me that she would be using a mushroom peel on me because it is for very sensitive skin. It felt almost minty and soothed my irritated skin. To my surprise the peel did not burn and I felt it sooth my face.

As I waited for the peel to dry I got to lay there and listen to the music and almost fell asleep due to the comfortable table and relaxing sounds and music. Everyone really needs that chance to just escape for 10 to 15 minutes while your peel is drying. There is nothing like it. When it was all said and done Nadia recommended some home care products that would compliment and help the work that she had done. I took home a line of Sonya Dakar products that feel refreshing every time you use them.

First, there is the acai clarifying wash that has hydroxyl acids, organic acai and willow bark. These anti-oxidants are from the Brazilian rain forest and really exfoliate and refresh your face.

Next there is the triple action organic scrub that rescues skin from clogged pores and buildup. Pure lavender, chamomile and green tea helps sooth skin.

Deep Pore Serum The deep pore clarifying serum aids in conditioning breakouts while soothing and protecting skin.

Then there is the last product which is the hydrosoft lotion which helps keep your skin hydrated without adding excess oil. So far it is keeping my skin from looking as irritated as it did when I first walked through the door.

The moral of the story is that no one should fear the spa or treating your skin to fresh fun. Guys need to take care of their skin too! I would highly encourage anyone who is looking for a relaxing and skin rejuvenating time to hit up Tribeca Beauty Spa and ask for Nadia! Tell them Spa Week and Jonathan Valdez sent you!

All products available at Tribeca Beauty Spa.

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