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Guest post by Julia Allison, Media Personality and “machine of happiness”

Sufficiently relaxed *thanks to Spa Merge’s massage,* I hopped on my pink & white bike, Cupcake (yes, I named my bicycle) for the 15 block ride downtown to Spa Catchi.  Located at 115 East 39th Street, on a quiet, leafy block in the no man’s land of Midtown East, Spa Catchi was designed as a companion to their plastic surgery center, just next door.  In theory, you could get breast implants followed by a mani-pedi – or a facial chased with lipo.  I’m not quite sure who actually wants to combine such procedures, but my sense is that Spa Catchi, which just opened a few months back, is attempting to establish this as a one-stop-shop for all your beauty maintenance needs.

The Spa itself is quite small – more like a nail salon than anything else – but the people are super-friendly, and exceptionally good at their jobs.  I was scheduled for a 60 minute Catchi Signature Facial followed by a 135 minute combination Catchi Singature Mani-Pedi.  I’m not really a facial kind of girl (although I’ve always felt that I could be, were I to discover the right sort of facialist, and, uh … a surfeit of discretionary income), but I certainly know when something feels good.  And ohhhh, did this facial feel good.  Good enough, in fact, that I lapsed into a trance-like pleasure coma for a solid 40 of the 60 minutes.  Plus, when I emerged, my skin looked tighter, firmer and almost … pore-less.  Now, I have absolutely no idea how or why this worked, but I’m not about to argue with results.  Especially when the facialist, Yelena, herself had the most gorgeous skin I’ve seen outside of a fake, totally airbrushed magazine.  I actually pointed at her and said “That! I want that!!”  When she laughed (apparently it’s not the first time she’s heard such a request), she followed up by saying that she “works incredibly hard” on her skin, and it requires facials AT LEAST once a month.  I was sold.  Why even bother to advertise?

Now, I may not know a lot about facials, but I practically have a PhD in mani-pedi.  I get them at least once every two weeks, and have for the past five years (hey, some people have a wine habit or a shoe habit or a drug habit.  I have a mani-pedi habit.)  Although the salon itself isn’t particularly fancy – and until I asked them to turn it off, they had a headache-inducing five-minute informercial for their plastic surgery center running on an endless loop – it was clean and, most importantly, the manicurist was top-notch.  They had a small selection of colors (unfortunately none of the trendy “alt” hues like yellow/blue/green/brown), but the shade I selected, a pretty purple which just so happened to match my iPhone cover, has elicited many compliments in the intervening week.  They didn’t have a gel technician to administer the type of calgel mani I’ve been doing for the past six months, so we went natural – just paint, no acrylics or silk wraps or gels or tips.  Nada.  And yet, after Michelle was finished, there wasn’t a single smudge, and the nails – both on my toes and my hands, which get quite a bit of abuse with all the typing I do – are still practically perfect a week later.

Hands down (har), one of the top manicures/pedicures in New York City.

Take this quick and relaxing Spa Catchi video tour, created by the spa:

Spa Catchi Retreat from Spa Catchi on Vimeo.

Spa Catchi
115 East 39th Street
New York, NY 10016

They just joined twitter too, follow them @SpaCatchi!

$50 Spa Week Treatments, October 11-17:
60 Min Catchi Signature Massage
60 Min Catchi Signature Facial
60 Min Combination Catchi Signature Manicure and Pedicure

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