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Guest post by Julia Allison, Media Personality and “rambunctious, inquisitive and non-sickening source of positivity”

“I’ve never been in combat,” I wrote in The Guardian UK recently, “but I’ve seen GI Jane, and from the looks of it, Fashion Week bears more than a passing resemblance to a regimented boot camp, complete in 6-inch YSLs and Herve Leger bandage dresses, in the middle of a highly organized, unrelenting mosh pit of well-dressed editors, reporters, buyers, models, photographers, press and flaks with competing agendas.”

I’ve covered Fashion Week for seven seasons, the last three for NBCs New York Nonstop channel, and I know enough to know that eight days of shows, five to seven shows a day, (again, in those six inch heels) means I’ll be hurting – or comatose – when that ninth day comes.  An emergency trip to the spa, complete with scented bath, massage, mani-pedi and a facial were the perfect antidote to my Fashion Week Hangover.

Spa Merge

My first appointment of the day was at Spa Merge on West 57th Street (right near one of my favorite shoppes, cough cough, Bergdorf’s).  Since I was staying at my girl friend’s place in Tribeca, I rode my bike up the West Side Highway path for a leisurely, relaxing twenty minute ride (and a nice sweat that I knew I would soon be rid of, thanks to the hydrotherapy!)  I was scheduled for a 15 minute Hydrotub bathing ritual with scented oils, 310 jets and a scalp massage.  All of this was to be followed by a real 90-minute fusion massage.  Mmmm.

When I walked into the spa, which is relatively new, I was more than a little impressed at the decor.  It’s not huge, but it’s NICE.  Every touch has been accounted for, from the little lavender flowers on the tray with your water (which they refreshed for me no less than three times!) to the small strawberry chaser they bring you after your massage.  This is a place for luxury, a place for pampering, a place to be indulged.  Merge is really what we all imagine in our heads when we think “luxury spa.”  The service was impeccable – I was waited on hand and foot (literally). Some luxury spas don’t have technicians who are capable of more than Swedish, but that wasn’t the case with Merge. When I requested a particularly strong massage (a former therapist had once said to me “You strong! Like ox!” What can I say?  I like a bit of pain with my relaxation.) I actually got it!  I loved the hydrotherapy prior to the massage – it really helped loosen up my muscles in preparation for the tension-releasing workout my therapist was to give them!  Although I can’t say I was a fan of the scalp massage – for some reason, on dry hair without shampoo and conditioner, it doesn’t feel as good.   Other than that, my experience at Merge was delicious.  I can’t wait to come back!

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Spa Merge
102-108 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

$50 Spa Week Treatments, October 11-17
50 Min Tub and Rub with Hydrating Full Body Warm Shea Butter Application
50 Min Merge Miracle Facial with Skin Analysis
45 Min Brazilian Bikini and Brow Wax

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