If we ever launch Spa Week in the Philippines, you can bet we’re hiring Mark Angelo Molina to do our PR.

Also known as @21JaeHyun on Twitter, we wanted to showcase this young Filipino man’s above-and-beyond efforts in spreading the Spa Week love. It all started with this picture uploaded to our Facebook page:

Then,we discovered he started this Facebook event for the upcoming Spa Week, with all correct information, and invited over 1000 people!

Then, after many Tweets and Retweets of support, came this one. A radio program! Spa Week! What more could we want in a reader?

Well, you may have noticed 2 things.

1, Mark and most of the friends he invited to the Facebook event seem to be from the Philippines too, where spa treatmens for 50 pisos there are not.

2, Mark has been doing all this in hopes to be one of the 10 winners of our iPhone giveaway. We’d love to reward him for all his precious efforts, but in our official rules section it states that the winner must be in the US or Canada, and unfortunately the Philippines is in neither of those.

It also states that the winner must be 21 or older, and if your Twitter picture is you, sweet child, you are far too adorable too be winning an iPhone. But we love you just the same!

Thank you for all the kind support…. when you grow up and and move to North America, we owe you something shiny!!

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