“Endermologie, The Cellulite Solution: …Reshape thighs, buttocks & stomach bulges….Great after pregnancy or liposuction….Eliminate cellulite…Improved pain & circulation…”

The great thing about Spa Week is that it’s the best time to give a spa treatment you’re unfamiliar with a test drive. Botox can run upwards of $400 a session but during Spa Week it’s only $50. Celebrity eyelash extension gurus can charge almost $100 per lash but during Spa Week it’s only $50 (for all of them). Then there is Endermolgie, a treatment you may have read about or watched it on Live Spa TV, but never tried, and it’s only $50.

Over the weekend I took a ride out to Queens, NY to visit Sara’s Endermologie to get the scoop for myself. Sara has been in business since 1991, and her customers keep coming back. Endermologie is performed with a machine that is essentially a suction device that rolls your skin in different directions to create an ideal image. The key to the service lies within the practitioner. Sara, has worked with so many bodies over the years she can just look at you and see what area needs to be worked on. To start, she puts you in an all-white nylon body suit that serves as a protector against the machine. She rotates your body beginning flat and attacks areas of cellulite from the stomach, the thighs, butt and any other area in need of work. She tested out the machine gently on my thigh and it was painless, in fact it felt like a massage.

On the way out, I met one of Sara’s clients whose been coming to her for 10 years, and who just happened to be a professional model. If that’s not promising, I don’t know what is. After meeting her and looking through Sara’s enormous successful client book, it is apparent that for a tighter and a slimmer figure this is surely a way to go. I would recommend Endermologie for someone looking to go on a bikini baring vacation, or just wanting to look and feel better in a dress. At this point if your curiosity hasn’t piqued, she is offering an introductory free session to go on top of the $50 Spa Week treatment.

Sara’s Endermologie
29-11 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106

Image Courtesy of MarieFrance.ch

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